ŠKODA Octavia

Since its Indian debut in 2001, the ŠKODA Octavia has gone from redefining premium, to taking automobile performance standards to new levels. From bringing features never seen before, to in its latest avatar, skillfully combining strength and sensibility. Presenting the new ŠKODA Octavia. With an exterior design that is as sleek and crystalline as it is strong and robust, the Octavia looks stunning from every angle. Inside, brilliant connectivity, safety assistants, technological innovations and simply clever features are sure to please the modern, discerning Indian. The new Octavia isn’t just an example of our philosophy of making beautifully designed, passenger-focused cars that are as much of a joy to drive now as they were when we started. It is an example of how mind and muscle can meet perfectly in an automobile. The new ŠKODA Octavia. Tough meets smart

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