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Your New Skoda Superb’s Hands-Free Parking Feature

The new Skoda Superb is detailed with several clever features that make it stand out from its so called competition. The new hands-free parking feature will let your car drive you around! With this futuristic feature the new Skoda Superb seems like its straight out of the “jetsons”. Never worry about parking in tight spots, or the nightmare of parallel parking. Your new Skoda Superb will slip into the tightest of parking spots with ease with the hands-free parking feature.

New Skoda Superb


This clever feature is not completely autonomous. The driver still has to regulate the speed by pressing and releasing the brake pedal, the idle speed is enough to move it into the parking spot. The navigation display of the car will provide the required instructions to the driver such as putting the car into reverse or leaving the steering so the car can take control.

The sensors distributed around the front and rear bumpers of the car act as both transmitters and receivers. The signals sent by the sensors bounce off objects around the car and are reflected back to the sensors. The time taken for the signals to return is calculated and this determines the location of the objects around. The system is designed to fit the car into a spot that is 20 percent longer than the car itself.

The only problem is the ability to sense lower objects. This is in concern with curbs. If the car cannot accurately sense the curb it will adjust itself by lining up with the car in front and behind. The feature still makes parking a much easier job than it seems, you can’t take that away from Skoda clever feature.


The hands-free parking feature outperforms manual parking when comparing the clearance distance left towards the curb and the number of maneuvers needed to attain the final parked position. This is not to say the system is flawless, sometimes it takes the car frightfully close to the curb. Does this feature really make a difference? Yes it does, especially if you live in the city.

Parking is probably the most ignored and straining part of a drive. In the city it’s nearly impossible to find a good parking spot. Not only does the feature identify optimum spots but efficiently aids you to maneuver your new Skoda superb in and out of tight spots. You won’t have to strain your neck and back by turning around constantly and looking over your shoulder. So yes, hands-free parking makes a difference, hands-free means hassle-free.