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10 Reasons why the New Skoda Superb is beautiful outside and powerful inside

New Skoda Superb
New Skoda Superb 2018

The new Skoda Superb blends its power and beauty to deliver memorable experience on every drive. It’s an eye-catching sight on the street, turning heads as it zooms past. Every aspect of the design reflects careful thought, with the sole purpose to exceed your expectations. It does exactly that. Here are few of the many reasons why the new Skoda Superb, truly is a superb ride to have.

17 inch Helios alloy wheels

Apart from the visual treat, the Helios wheels positively influence the driving experience. The Skoda Superb 2018 model, speaks the language of strength. The 17 inch Helios alloy wheels look bold and reaffirm the aspect of strength for the Skoda Superb.

Bi-Xenon headlights

The lighting incorporated in the Skoda Superb makes a lot of difference to the appeal. The intricately detailed headlights draw inspiration from the renowned Bohemian glass-cutting skills. They include crystal cut high beam lamps with illuminated “eyelashes”. The crystalline design also features in the inactive area of the integrated taillights.

New Skoda Superb Body design

The interaction between the concave and convex forms all over the car creates a dynamic aura. Sharp lines and angular cuts result in an extraordinary visual experience. The large glass areas around the side lend an emotional appeal to the car’s profile.

Panoramic sunroof

The electronically adjustable sunroof allows for a great scope in the vibe you want when you are at the wheel. It can expand the feeling of space and seamlessly fits into the rest of the design. The Skoda Superb can now open up new vistas every time it’s on the road.

Sleek side-view mirrors

The sleek and sharp contours along the side-view mirrors whip up a sporty look. The large mirror ensures functionality, with integrated indicators. The decorative strips along the edges of the side-view mirrors underline the style quotient.

7-speed DSG

Depending on the engine version you either have an automatic 6-speed or a manual 7-speed DSG. The Skoda Superb comes in 2 variants, either petrol or diesel. Both of the variants promise a smooth and powerful drive.

1.8 TSI petrol / 2.0 TDI diesel

The petrol variant packs a powerful punch, delivering 132KW. It is also significantly lighter than its predecessor. The 2.0 TDI diesel variant yields 130KW of quality performance. The Skoda Superb delivers a powerful an enriching drive with no compromise on fuel consumption.

Electronic stability control

This clever feature aids drivers to maintain control in critical situations, especially when the car is susceptible to skidding. The control unit continuously compares the current driving behaviour of the vehicle to that of the preset values. When the values don’t match, the control unit gives the command to stabilise the vehicle.

Anti-slip regulation

Excessive wheelspin during acceleration is a waste of fuel and leads to the wear and tear of the drive train and tyres. The ASR automatically modulates the wheelspin during acceleration; it ensures that the driver has full control over the vehicle and provides an efficient transfer of power.

Antilock braking system

The primary objective of the ABS feature is to keep the car under control even during abrupt braking. Be it on dry tarmac or a slippery surface; the Skoda ABS keeps the wheels safely rolling by reducing the braking force on individual wheels. These smart features are what makes the Skoda Superb smart and powerful on the inside.