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Skoda Octavia, the most powerful Skoda yet

The Skoda Octavia has been one of our favourite cars in the Skoda range for sure. Both the variants, that is the diesel and the petrol variant of the car are miles apart in class and design. From the styling, design and the engine, the Skoda Octavia has more than proved itself when it comes to excellence.

Designs and features of the Skoda Octavia

Every feature of the Skoda Octavia is designed to perfection. This particular Skoda leads the charge to kick start the design renaissance in the Skoda line-up. Power is just a part of the story that makes the car so great. The car drives with a force that is unparalleled. What surprises you even more is that this force is driven by both grace and poise.

Like any modern car, there are three options of the Octavia that you can pick from. These include – drive, sport and manual. The drive variant is your tame option, with just the right kick start feelings. The sport variant is more exciting, with more power than you can imagine. If you’re looking for an adrenal rush, the manual is the perfect choice. The manual truly unlocks the Skoda Octavia’s true potential.

The workings that set the car apart

It’s not just the horsepower and the features that set the Skoda Octavia apart. The car is a five-door, which doesn’t really make it a sedan. While the appearance is that of a brute, you get a civilized version of it. Not the untamed and tangled version of the car.

The Skoda Octavia is smooth on the road. The powerful torque gives you the swift drive you need while making it a desire to own. On the design front, the butterfly grille, chiseled headlamps and the square jaw make the Skoda Octavia look truly majestic.

If you’re looking to get hold of a magnificent brute on the road and off it, the Skoda Octavia should definitely be your go to choice. Visit: www.mahavirauto.com to book a test drive and more.

The New Skoda Rapid, offers galore!

The New Skoda Rapid was rolled onto the Indian roads on 3rd November, 2016. The facelifted version of the car comes with a host of mechanical and design updates, making the car bigger, better and newer! Unlike the previous Skoda Cars, the new Skoda Rapid is more localized.

What’s new about the New Skoda Rapid?

Even though the new Rapid has only minimal changes, the upgrading of the design looks quite refreshing. The overall interior design and shape of the Skoda Rapid 2016 are more or less similar to the old version.

The New Skoda Rapid comes with an Android-supported new touch screen Mirror Link system, a reverse parking camera, new dual-tone upholstery, perforated seats, tilt and telescopic steering, automatic wipers and auto day/night internal rear view mirror. Even though the Skoda Rapid comes with refurbished exteriors, there is little that is changed in the interiors. Everything else remains pretty much unchanged.

New Skoda Rapid

Schemes that go with the New Skoda Rapid

Mahavir Auto makes buying the New Skoda Rapid extremely easy! With a host of exciting schemes, bringing the car of your dream home is just a buy away. Mahavir Auto offers a range of schemes with an EMI range starting at Rs. 13,333/-. the car has become attainable like never before!

The other offers include a low interest rate of 7.99%, making the car yours in a jiffy! Though the Skoda Rapid remains unchanged on the outside, the schemes that go with the car are definitely bigger and better!

Mahavir Auto also gives existing and perspective customers a unique opportunity to easily exchange your old vehicles for new! This new scheme lets you get your old cars exchanged for new without any hassles.

With these exciting deals and schemes, getting the New Skoda Rapid is no longer an unattainable dream! Visit: www.mahavirauto.com to get a full work up on the specifications, deals and schemes for the New Skoda Rapid!

Skoda showrooms in Hyderabad

Mahavir Group, under its wing, has Mahavir Auto as one of its prime babies. Mahavir Auto is known for the beautiful and exciting new range of Skoda vehicles. Skoda Showrooms in Hyderabad is coming up first in the race under the brand new Skoda Superb! It’s a little known secret that showrooms have that touch of personal pride. But what sets this particular Skoda showroom apart from the rest?

Why Mahavir?

It’s no hidden fact that when it comes to dealers in Hyderabad, Mahavir Auto makes it its priority to be the best. With an exciting and enticing offer for Diwali, Mahavir Auto has proved time and again that their main aim is customer satisfaction. So far, Mahavir Auto, under the Mahavir Group, has been certified as one of the top dealers for Skoda cars in Hyderabad.

Crawling behind them and coming up second are a lot of local dealers that have tried to make their mark and are succeeding, but not as much as the Mahavir Group is. However, with Mahavir Auto creating and setting waves, it’s become an impossible task for other dealers to compete.

skoda showrooms in hyderabad

What to look for in a Skoda Showrooms in Hyderabad?

The main question to ask here is – what would you look for in a showroom? When you’re looking for as specific a thing as a Skoda showroom in Hyderabad, what would you look at? Your end goal is to look for a car that’s come from one of the best showrooms and what Skoda showrooms in Hyderabad other than the Mahavir Auto showroom?

The question isn’t one with many answers. When you’re looking at Skoda showrooms, don’t look beyond the Mahavir Auto showroom. Being known for their courteous service and dedication, Mahavir Auto is your one stop hub for all things related to Skoda. It’s more than deciding to buy a car, it’s deciding what showroom to buy your car from and Mahavir Group has done that for you!

If you’re on the lookout for a Skoda, then don’t look any further. The best Skoda showrooms is now in town and open to public.