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Check out the Top 10 Innovations in Skoda Rapid Interiors

The new Skoda Rapid interiors embody over 120 years of careful thought and design. It is the perfect mascot for what Skoda stands for, being a pioneer in automobile advancements. With several simple changes, Skoda has transformed the skoda rapid interiors completely; making the new Skoda Rapid a perfect blend of strength and comfort, topped with a dollop of sophistication.

Skoda rapid interiors

Dual tone ebony-sand interiors

The spacious interior of the all-new Skoda Rapids in the limelight; airy feel that the dual tone ebony-sand colour makes. It brings about a vibe of sophistication that goes well with everything in the car.

Chrome décor

This feature speaks elegance and class. The new Skoda Rapid interiors is a luxury sedan that makes no compromise on “the luxury”. The chrome décor for the door handles may seem like no big deal, but these small changes push this car towards the exclusivity.

Centre armrests

The new Skoda Rapid interiors host several aspects of comfort. One new addition is the centre armrest for both front and rear passengers. Most sedans use an armrest primarily for the rear passengers. The front armrest also acts as storage space.

Rear windscreen defogger

This system clears condensation and thaws frost from the windshield. The Skoda Rapid incorporates this in their rear windshield as well. The addition of a timer with the defogger system takes smart one step further. With the ability to control nearly every aspect of your car, you can expect an unmatched drive, always.

Anti-glare rear view mirror

With the wedged layer of glass on the rearview mirror, you can be sure never to strain your eyes again. Your safety is of utmost concern; the anti-glare rearview mirror ensures that every time you take a look, you get a clear picture of what’s coming up behind you.

Adjustable steering wheel

The Skoda rapid understands its driver’s needs. You can manoeuvre the adjustable steering wheel according to your height and comfort. The driver can easily adjust the position of the steering wheel to whatever is most convenient. Say goodbye to those backaches.

Manually regulated AC

The manual air conditioning system provides you with the means to keep the temperature at your preferred level. They are not thermostatically controlled. Just set the temperature,andthe blower fan and its speed achieve the rest.

Front airbags

The dual-stage airbags for the front seats are a perfect example of innovative safety features by Skoda. They inflate to different degrees depending upon the force of impact. The system measures the force, and the appropriate amount of inflation required is determined.

Multi-function steering wheel

Command the entirety of the Skoda rapid’s features with your hands at the wheel and your finger at the button. With integrated telephone controls and buttons to control the volume of the sound system, you never have to let go of the wheel ever again.

Amberglow footwell illumination

No corner will be left dark. Adding another touch of sophistication to the Skoda rapid is the AmberGlow feature. Lighting up the corners of your car, with adjustable intensity and colours provides a light, airy feel to the interiors. The ambient lighting is one of several lighting features in the new Skoda rapid’s interiors.

The New Skoda Rapid features elevate the car over every other model

The Skoda Rapid was first launched in 2011 and created a string of approval waves. It accounted for over 70% of sales for Skoda in India at the time of its launch. Through the years, the mid-sized sedan garnered a lot of critical acclaim. We waited with bated breath for the launch of the new version and when the New Skoda Rapid was launched, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Features of the New Skoda Rapid

There are several features of the New Skoda Rapid that we know you’d love. Read on to know more about the features and how these make the car great.


The New Skoda Rapid has a definite cosmetic upgrade. Compared to the earlier version, the car has seen a major facelift in terms of design and style. The front façade now looks sleeker and clutter free, thanks to the redesigned headlamp cluster, front grille, and the fog lamp placement. The New Skoda Rapid looks a lot sharper and defined as compared to its predecessor.

Engine and gearbox

The engine for the New Skoda Rapid has been tweaked to make it stronger. The diesel now makes 108bhp and 250Nm of torque.


In terms of mileage, the New Skoda Rapid is far superior. We’d like to think that the car definitely beats the old one in this aspect. The petrol variant of the new Rapid returns 15.41km/l (5-speed, manual) and 14.84km/l (6-speed, automatic), while the diesel powered Rapid returns 21.13km/l (5-speed, manual) and 21.72km/l (7-speed DSG, automatic).

Driving and handling

The driving and the handling of the New Skoda Rapid is a little tricky. For those of you who are new to the petrol variant, the car can be a tad bit noisy. But then again, that’s just the taking used to factor that makes things a problem. Other than that, your turns and bends re handled with expert ease.

Internal features

The New Skoda Rapid comes with LED daytime running lights with projector headlamps and 15-inch wheels. The inside of the car is what truly sets the Rapid apart from its competitors.

The New Rapid, a true delight to own.

Priced between Rs. Rs 8.34 lakh to Rs 12.78, the New Skoda Rapid makes for an amazing buy. For those of you who are looking at getting an upgrade, we strongly recommend the new facelift. The features set the car a class apart, making it the most desirable yet. Visit: New Skoda Rapid Offers to take a test drive and know more.

The New Skoda Rapid, offers galore!

The New Skoda Rapid was rolled onto the Indian roads on 3rd November, 2016. The facelifted version of the car comes with a host of mechanical and design updates, making the car bigger, better and newer! Unlike the previous Skoda Cars, the new Skoda Rapid is more localized.

What’s new about the New Skoda Rapid?

Even though the new Rapid has only minimal changes, the upgrading of the design looks quite refreshing. The overall interior design and shape of the Skoda Rapid 2016 are more or less similar to the old version.

The New Skoda Rapid comes with an Android-supported new touch screen Mirror Link system, a reverse parking camera, new dual-tone upholstery, perforated seats, tilt and telescopic steering, automatic wipers and auto day/night internal rear view mirror. Even though the Skoda Rapid comes with refurbished exteriors, there is little that is changed in the interiors. Everything else remains pretty much unchanged.

New Skoda Rapid

Schemes that go with the New Skoda Rapid

Mahavir Auto makes buying the New Skoda Rapid extremely easy! With a host of exciting schemes, bringing the car of your dream home is just a buy away. Mahavir Auto offers a range of schemes with an EMI range starting at Rs. 13,333/-. the car has become attainable like never before!

The other offers include a low interest rate of 7.99%, making the car yours in a jiffy! Though the Skoda Rapid remains unchanged on the outside, the schemes that go with the car are definitely bigger and better!

Mahavir Auto also gives existing and perspective customers a unique opportunity to easily exchange your old vehicles for new! This new scheme lets you get your old cars exchanged for new without any hassles.

With these exciting deals and schemes, getting the New Skoda Rapid is no longer an unattainable dream! Visit: www.mahavirauto.com to get a full work up on the specifications, deals and schemes for the New Skoda Rapid!

New Skoda Rapid Launch in India – Design that moves.

The New Skoda Rapid launch took place on the 3rd of November. Available in 10 variations, the New Skoda Rapid is priced between INR 8.35 Lakhs and INR 12.79 Lakhs. Mahavir Auto launched the New Skoda Rapid in the city recently amidst a lot of speculation and excitement. The last Skoda Rapid had undergone a facelift in 2012 and since then, this is the first of its kind.

How did the New Skoda Rapid Launch in India make waves?

New Skoda Rapid Launch

The New Skoda Rapid Facelift comes in two variants – the petrol variant as well as the diesel variant. The New Skoda Rapid facelift comes with bold exteriors and elegant interiors.


With a cleaner and sharper than most of the on the road models, the new Rapid is distinguished. The sharp and bold features highlight that the New Skoda Rapid. The new front end of the Skoda Rapid features a contemporary look that sets it apart from the old model.


The dual tone interiors of the Skoda Rapid have a very soothing aspect to it. Every feature of the car has been designed in a way that gives maximum comfort to the passenger and the driver.

The exteriors and the interiors are designed keeping in mind the ease of comfort and the visual appeal.

Skoda prices and features.

The New Skoda Rapid comes in two variants – the petrol variant and the diesel variant. The new variants are Rapid Ambition plus and Active Plus. Each vehicle comes with separate on road prices as well request prices. The new variants have been added in order to make the car more appealing to the domestic audiences.

The New Skoda Rapid offers come with great EMI schemes that give people who want to buy the car more options to choose from. With great schemes, the car gives complete value for money. This makes it extremely customer friendly and also moves slightly away from the niche crowd.

The New Skoda Rapid has been given a complete makeover. Now more user friendly and customer friendly, this car has gone a couple of notches higher, making it THE car to have.