Skoda Drivers, the happiest in the world?

We all know the name Skoda, its precision and style. Every model, being one of the best (or beast) in the market today. Given the reputation and the love for Skoda, the Skoda drivers are considered the happiest in the world…Let’s see why (or) how.

Skoda drivers

Since when? 

  • It was previously founded as “Laurin & Klement” in 1895 in 1915 it was acquired by Skoda Works. It was a state owned for a long time but after 1991 it Skoda gradually was being privatized and in 2000 it was a fully owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

What makes them so attractive? 


From day one they collectively have always concentrated on the keeping up with technology. Today every Skoda car models come with a technology known as “Green Technology” which is not only environmentally smart but are also packed with technological features that will make driving smooth as silk. Like,

  • Start Stop System.
  • Brake Energy Recovery.
  • Gear Recommendation.
  • All-Wheel Drive.
  • Skoda Connect.
  • Skoda App(s) and much more!


They take safety seriously; the primary goal of every step of development they take is to offer all passengers the maximum possible level of safety. Vehicles are also constructed with an emphasis on passive safety, that is, the ability to dissipate the brunt of any impact and thereby protect passengers from injury. Safety measures ranging from

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • Multi-collision Brakes.
  • Antilock Brake System (ABS)
  • Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)


What good is any technology which is not convenient enough to use? All of the Skoda’s technology is totally user-friendly and beneficial.

  • On Board Serenity.
  • Driver Alert (Fatigue Control)

P.S: All these things come together to make Skoda, loved and anyone who drives it, the Happiest. For more information on any aspect of Skoda please feel free to drop in at any one of our outlets throughout the world or Visit: Mahavir Group.

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