The difference between the old and the New Skoda Rapid

Mahavir Auto launched the first Skoda Rapid in 2013 and saw a lot of fan fare from the time of its inception to now. The Rapid saw a facelift after nearly four years and introduced the New Skoda Rapid amidst a lot of fanfare.


The Rapid receives a major facelift both cosmetic and mechanical, compared to the older model. We’ve listed down the ten major differences between the new Skoda Rapid facelift and its predecessor.

  • The New Skoda Rapid comes with a new front, which is modern and contemporary, making it bolder and sharper than the old one. This makes the car look majestic and composed, as compared to the earlier model.
  • The new Rapid comes with a sporty front bumper with sharper lines. It houses a new wider air dam with a smart grille and horizontal fog lamps giving. This gives the car a sporty and sharp look.
  • The new version of the Rapid comes with beautiful headlamps, making the old one pale in comparison. This new headlamp cluster is more in line with the global model.
  • A new cabin with dual toned interiors spruces up the look of the New Skoda Rapid. They give the car a sophisticated and sharp look and this makes it a LOT better than the previous model.
  • The updated model also comes with a host of comfort and convenience features. These features were not available in the older model, which came only with conventional wipers. In fact fit and finish is better which makes the cabin look a bit more desirable than the previous model.

Thus, the New Skoda Rapid has improved in every way. It comes with clean interiors, sharp features and defined exteriors. If these reasons aren’t enough for you to go get a New Skoda Rapid NOW, visit: It’s time to get yourself a test drive and get your New Rapid NOW.

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