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Skoda Octavia marks 20 years of being the automobile’s bestselling car

Skoda Octavia being loved by many in the market, it is also regarded the best-selling cars. Now signifies the 20th Anniversary of it.

skoda octavia

It’s almost been a year after Skoda celebrated the success of the one-millionth Octavia; the company is now marking the 20th anniversary of its best-selling car, Octavia. On September 3rd, 1996 the first modern Octavia accelerate out of the assembly lines at the then re-constructed factory in Mlada Boleslav. Two decades later, the Octavia is crowned automaker’s best selling model.

It’s almost been a year after Skoda celebrated the success of the one-millionth Octavia; the company is now marking the 20th anniversary of its best-selling car, Octavia. On September 3rd, 1996 the first modern Skoda Octavia accelerate out of the assembly lines at the then re-constructed factory in Mlada Boleslav. Two decades later, the Octavia is crowned automaker’s best selling model.

Skoda Octavia story

For anyone who is not familiar with the story of Skoda, the name Octavia was first employed by the makers in the 50s, when the tiny family car with 1. 1 – 1. 2-liter four-cylinder engine launched under the AZNP label. Ever questioned how? Octavia was the eighth innovation of the company back in the late 1950s, ‘Octa’ meaning eighth.

For anyone who is not familiar with the story of Skoda, the name Octavia was first employed by the makers in the 50s, when the tiny family car with 1. 1 – 1. 2-liter four-cylinder engine launched under the AZNP label. Ever questioned how? Octavia was the eighth innovation of the company back in the late 1950s, ‘Octa’ meaning eighth.

The build process of the 1st gen Skoda Octavia started in 1992 – less than 12 months after this Czech company joined Volkswagen Group. The vehicle was based on an entirely new Volkswagen-sourced ideologies and processes. It was launched with two 4cyl petrol engines and a turbo diesel. The previous vehicle from the first style/model raced off the lines in November 2010. Surprisingly, Skoda offered the first generation as an inexpensive alternative (price point) to its successor from 2004-2010.

Skoda Octavia present

The present Octavia is made in many countries like; China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mlada Boleslav. In the first half of 2016, Skoda has built and delivered 119, 670 units to the consumers, an “industry healthy” increase of eight percent over the same period of 2015, according to LeftLane.

“The plant is beautiful, modern and really pretty. It could be great if all industrial facilities looked like this.” said the former Czech President Vaclav Havel, after waving the starting signal for the availability of the Skoda Octavia.

To deduce, there are numerous factors to consider Octavia for it to be loved by many and stand as the best-selling car in the history of Skoda.

Skoda Drivers, the happiest in the world?

We all know the name Skoda, its precision and style. Every model, being one of the best (or beast) in the market today. Given the reputation and the love for Skoda, the Skoda drivers are considered the happiest in the world…Let’s see why (or) how.

Skoda drivers

Since when? 

  • It was previously founded as “Laurin & Klement” in 1895 in 1915 it was acquired by Skoda Works. It was a state owned for a long time but after 1991 it Skoda gradually was being privatized and in 2000 it was a fully owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

What makes them so attractive? 


From day one they collectively have always concentrated on the keeping up with technology. Today every Skoda car models come with a technology known as “Green Technology” which is not only environmentally smart but are also packed with technological features that will make driving smooth as silk. Like,

  • Start Stop System.
  • Brake Energy Recovery.
  • Gear Recommendation.
  • All-Wheel Drive.
  • Skoda Connect.
  • Skoda App(s) and much more!


They take safety seriously; the primary goal of every step of development they take is to offer all passengers the maximum possible level of safety. Vehicles are also constructed with an emphasis on passive safety, that is, the ability to dissipate the brunt of any impact and thereby protect passengers from injury. Safety measures ranging from

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • Multi-collision Brakes.
  • Antilock Brake System (ABS)
  • Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)


What good is any technology which is not convenient enough to use? All of the Skoda’s technology is totally user-friendly and beneficial.

  • On Board Serenity.
  • Driver Alert (Fatigue Control)

P.S: All these things come together to make Skoda, loved and anyone who drives it, the Happiest. For more information on any aspect of Skoda please feel free to drop in at any one of our outlets throughout the world or Visit: Mahavir Group.

The New Skoda Superb – Sharper, Smarter, and Sexier.

The Skoda Superb has always been one of the most loved cars from the Skoda range. The car saw a much needed facelift and is slated to launch around the end of July, 2017. The New Skoda Superb comes with a modified look and exciting features.


Exciting features of the New Skoda Superb

The brand New Skoda Superb has a host of exciting features that would make any car lover swoon. Included in the updated car’s specs is Care Connect with emergency call which come as standard with the Ambition trim level.

Once activated it transmits all the relevant data to the emergency services. You can operate this cool new feature manually as well. Another feature of the car is the honk and flash feature which makes it easier to find your car by activating the hazard warning lights and horn.Inside the car numerous features have featured been upgraded including the optimised infotainment systems. The Swing system has grown from five-inches to six and a half inches while the top spec Columbus has increased in size from eight to nine and a half inches.

New Skoda Superb – A must buy.

The New Skoda Superb, with its brand new features and accessories, is a must by. The car is definitely far from ordinary, making it stand out and look sharper than before.

Every feature has been modified, every aspect of comfort has been increased. The New Skoda Superb is ordinary no more. It has now become a force of nature to be reckoned with, admired and owned. The New Skoda Superb surpasses every expectation, standing apart in every way. What makes the New Superb so wonderful is that its features don’t outshine the modest and sharp designs.

The New Skoda Superb is yours for the taking. Visit: to take a test drive and to know more NOW.

The difference between the old and the New Skoda Rapid

Mahavir Auto launched the first Skoda Rapid in 2013 and saw a lot of fan fare from the time of its inception to now. The Rapid saw a facelift after nearly four years and introduced the New Skoda Rapid amidst a lot of fanfare.


The Rapid receives a major facelift both cosmetic and mechanical, compared to the older model. We’ve listed down the ten major differences between the new Skoda Rapid facelift and its predecessor.

  • The New Skoda Rapid comes with a new front, which is modern and contemporary, making it bolder and sharper than the old one. This makes the car look majestic and composed, as compared to the earlier model.
  • The new Rapid comes with a sporty front bumper with sharper lines. It houses a new wider air dam with a smart grille and horizontal fog lamps giving. This gives the car a sporty and sharp look.
  • The new version of the Rapid comes with beautiful headlamps, making the old one pale in comparison. This new headlamp cluster is more in line with the global model.
  • A new cabin with dual toned interiors spruces up the look of the New Skoda Rapid. They give the car a sophisticated and sharp look and this makes it a LOT better than the previous model.
  • The updated model also comes with a host of comfort and convenience features. These features were not available in the older model, which came only with conventional wipers. In fact fit and finish is better which makes the cabin look a bit more desirable than the previous model.

Thus, the New Skoda Rapid has improved in every way. It comes with clean interiors, sharp features and defined exteriors. If these reasons aren’t enough for you to go get a New Skoda Rapid NOW, visit: It’s time to get yourself a test drive and get your New Rapid NOW.

Skoda Octavia, the most powerful Skoda yet

The Skoda Octavia has been one of our favourite cars in the Skoda range for sure. Both the variants, that is the diesel and the petrol variant of the car are miles apart in class and design. From the styling, design and the engine, the Skoda Octavia has more than proved itself when it comes to excellence.

Designs and features of the Skoda Octavia

Every feature of the Skoda Octavia is designed to perfection. This particular Skoda leads the charge to kick start the design renaissance in the Skoda line-up. Power is just a part of the story that makes the car so great. The car drives with a force that is unparalleled. What surprises you even more is that this force is driven by both grace and poise.

Like any modern car, there are three options of the Octavia that you can pick from. These include – drive, sport and manual. The drive variant is your tame option, with just the right kick start feelings. The sport variant is more exciting, with more power than you can imagine. If you’re looking for an adrenal rush, the manual is the perfect choice. The manual truly unlocks the Skoda Octavia’s true potential.

The workings that set the car apart

It’s not just the horsepower and the features that set the Skoda Octavia apart. The car is a five-door, which doesn’t really make it a sedan. While the appearance is that of a brute, you get a civilized version of it. Not the untamed and tangled version of the car.

The Skoda Octavia is smooth on the road. The powerful torque gives you the swift drive you need while making it a desire to own. On the design front, the butterfly grille, chiseled headlamps and the square jaw make the Skoda Octavia look truly majestic.

If you’re looking to get hold of a magnificent brute on the road and off it, the Skoda Octavia should definitely be your go to choice. Visit: to book a test drive and more.

The New Skoda Rapid features elevate the car over every other model

The Skoda Rapid was first launched in 2011 and created a string of approval waves. It accounted for over 70% of sales for Skoda in India at the time of its launch. Through the years, the mid-sized sedan garnered a lot of critical acclaim. We waited with bated breath for the launch of the new version and when the New Skoda Rapid was launched, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Features of the New Skoda Rapid

There are several features of the New Skoda Rapid that we know you’d love. Read on to know more about the features and how these make the car great.


The New Skoda Rapid has a definite cosmetic upgrade. Compared to the earlier version, the car has seen a major facelift in terms of design and style. The front façade now looks sleeker and clutter free, thanks to the redesigned headlamp cluster, front grille, and the fog lamp placement. The New Skoda Rapid looks a lot sharper and defined as compared to its predecessor.

Engine and gearbox

The engine for the New Skoda Rapid has been tweaked to make it stronger. The diesel now makes 108bhp and 250Nm of torque.


In terms of mileage, the New Skoda Rapid is far superior. We’d like to think that the car definitely beats the old one in this aspect. The petrol variant of the new Rapid returns 15.41km/l (5-speed, manual) and 14.84km/l (6-speed, automatic), while the diesel powered Rapid returns 21.13km/l (5-speed, manual) and 21.72km/l (7-speed DSG, automatic).

Driving and handling

The driving and the handling of the New Skoda Rapid is a little tricky. For those of you who are new to the petrol variant, the car can be a tad bit noisy. But then again, that’s just the taking used to factor that makes things a problem. Other than that, your turns and bends re handled with expert ease.

Internal features

The New Skoda Rapid comes with LED daytime running lights with projector headlamps and 15-inch wheels. The inside of the car is what truly sets the Rapid apart from its competitors.

The New Rapid, a true delight to own.

Priced between Rs. Rs 8.34 lakh to Rs 12.78, the New Skoda Rapid makes for an amazing buy. For those of you who are looking at getting an upgrade, we strongly recommend the new facelift. The features set the car a class apart, making it the most desirable yet. Visit: New Skoda Rapid Offers to take a test drive and know more.

The New Skoda Superb is definitely superb.

Skoda launched its latest model, the New Skoda Superb, last year. it made its first debut in Prague and then travelled around the world to finally reach India towards the end of the year. Skoda had already sets its mark in India with the earlier version of the Superb. The launch of the new car was awaited with much anticipation and excitement.

What’s new about the New Skoda Superb?

In terms of design and style, the New Skoda Superb comes with clean cuts and aesthetic designs. On the front, the luxury Superb features the signature butterfly grille and angular bi-xenon headlamps flanked on either side that house the ‘L’ shaped DRLs. The car also features well-sculpted bonnet with sharp character lines and sporty bumper at the front.

The wheel comes in a slightly smaller size, with an increased cabin space in the front. The rear profile also features a revamped edgy design with sharp LED taillamps inspired from company’s Vision C Concept.

Features overloaded in just the right amount.

The New Skoda Superb comes with a lot more features as compared to the old Superb. Treading on 17 inch wheels, the overall length and width of the car have increased as well. Apart from the increased wheels size, the car also comes with internal features that make long distance driving a pleasure.

The New Skoda Superb gets a 6.5-inch touch screen infotainment system with Smartlink that supports MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 3-spoke multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel, 3 zone climate control system, electrically adjustable driver seat with lumbar support and a memory function that is capable of saving 3 seating positions.

The infotainment system in the saloon also features Bluetooth, Aux-In and USB connectivity, powered by Canton sound system with 12 speakers and an outstanding sound quality of 610 Watt output and an additional subwoofer in the boot. Further, there is electrically operated panoramic sunroof and multiple storage spaces.

Take a test drive to understand the true beauty and value of the New Skoda Superb. Visit: to get a full work up on the car. Book a test drive now!

The New Skoda Rapid, offers galore!

The New Skoda Rapid was rolled onto the Indian roads on 3rd November, 2016. The facelifted version of the car comes with a host of mechanical and design updates, making the car bigger, better and newer! Unlike the previous Skoda Cars, the new Skoda Rapid is more localized.

What’s new about the New Skoda Rapid?

Even though the new Rapid has only minimal changes, the upgrading of the design looks quite refreshing. The overall interior design and shape of the Skoda Rapid 2016 are more or less similar to the old version.

The New Skoda Rapid comes with an Android-supported new touch screen Mirror Link system, a reverse parking camera, new dual-tone upholstery, perforated seats, tilt and telescopic steering, automatic wipers and auto day/night internal rear view mirror. Even though the Skoda Rapid comes with refurbished exteriors, there is little that is changed in the interiors. Everything else remains pretty much unchanged.

New Skoda Rapid

Schemes that go with the New Skoda Rapid

Mahavir Auto makes buying the New Skoda Rapid extremely easy! With a host of exciting schemes, bringing the car of your dream home is just a buy away. Mahavir Auto offers a range of schemes with an EMI range starting at Rs. 13,333/-. the car has become attainable like never before!

The other offers include a low interest rate of 7.99%, making the car yours in a jiffy! Though the Skoda Rapid remains unchanged on the outside, the schemes that go with the car are definitely bigger and better!

Mahavir Auto also gives existing and perspective customers a unique opportunity to easily exchange your old vehicles for new! This new scheme lets you get your old cars exchanged for new without any hassles.

With these exciting deals and schemes, getting the New Skoda Rapid is no longer an unattainable dream! Visit: to get a full work up on the specifications, deals and schemes for the New Skoda Rapid!

31 Reasons to love the Skoda Octavia

31 Features. 31 Reasons to love the Skoda Octavia

We give you 31 reasons to love Skoda Octavia. The car comes with Parktronic – the car lets you assess the distance for the front and rear end. With LED day time running lights, the car is perfectly safe for any condition. Driving it through the fog helps keep you perfectly safe at all times. With 8 airbags, ECS, ABS, navigation system, ASR, MSR, MCB (Multi-collision breaking), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), LED tail lamps and KESSY (a keyless start, exit and entry system), every feature of the Octavia enhances safety and comfort in driving.

The Octavia isn’t just about safety. It’s about style. It’s about class. The car is designed to provide maximum comfort. With chrome surround radiator grille, dual tone ivory front dashboard, leather upholstery, wood design décor on the front center console, automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors, rear view camera with LED display and a panoramic sunroof with bounce back system, the Skoda Octavia is designed to perfection.

Skoda Octavia

Driving made a delight

With the safety and comfort aspects covered, the Octavia comes with some additional perks. The car comes with a navigation system that surpasses the earlier models. With a cruise control, light assistance and automatic rain wiping system, a five hundred and ninety liter compartment storage space,  a front glove with cooling and illumination, a jumbo box storage compartment in the front, DSG automatic that lets you switch between sports mode and automatic, dual zone climatronic system and a 12 way electrically adjustable driver seat, the car is designed to make driving a pleasurable experience across all terrains and through all climates.

Comfort and entertainment – the entire package!

With 8 speakers, MaxiDOT, audio/telephone control on steering wheel and smart links, the car has the complete entertainment package. All four aspects, that is, comfort, luxury, entertainment and storage, are taken care off with the Skoda Octavia.

A new facelift

The Skoda Octavia recently saw a facelift and we’re going to bring it to you soon. Keep your eyes peeled on how the Octavia keeps giving you reasons to be happy. Until then, visit: to know more!

Skoda Yeti, not just your average crossover

When the Skoda Yeti launched in 2009, it surprised more than a few people. The Skoda Yeti stands away from the general range of Skoda vehicles. It’s not just your average crossover but an overall champ. The car underwent a facelift in 2015 and saw a lot of notable changes.

The Yeti facelift saw a makeover in both the exterior and interiors of the car. The fresh new look of the Yeti featured angular new headlights, grilles and bumpers that brought it in line with the rest of the Skoda cars. The wheel and engine were also modified, making driving this car on a long journey a wonderful delight.

The Skoda Yeti Crossover

The engine was also made more powerful and increased the torque power of the car. After the 2015 facelift of the Yeti, the car is scheduled to get another make-over in the later of half of 2017. The hush-hush and under wraps Yeti launch is slotted to launch with a complete makeover.

The interiors of the 2015 Yeti saw the car with plush interiors make driving the car a very comfortable experience. The seats left a lot to be desired and the infotainment system that came with the car was more than satisfactory.

For the love of the road.

It’s going to be exciting to see the kind of turn around that the Skoda Yeti Rendering is going to have. With brand new features and a completely refurbished look, it’s going to be one of them most awaited launches yet.

The Yeti has been designed for serious offroading for uphill and downhill drives. The Skoda Yeti has proved to be extremely reliable with the current models. Whether you’re going on a crazy family trip or cruising through a muddy dessert, the Skoda Yeti would be the perfect choice. To know more, visit: