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Check out the Top 10 Innovations in Skoda Rapid Interiors

The new Skoda Rapid interiors embody over 120 years of careful thought and design. It is the perfect mascot for what Skoda stands for, being a pioneer in automobile advancements. With several simple changes, Skoda has transformed the skoda rapid interiors completely; making the new Skoda Rapid a perfect blend of strength and comfort, topped with a dollop of sophistication.

Skoda rapid interiors

Dual tone ebony-sand interiors

The spacious interior of the all-new Skoda Rapids in the limelight; airy feel that the dual tone ebony-sand colour makes. It brings about a vibe of sophistication that goes well with everything in the car.

Chrome décor

This feature speaks elegance and class. The new Skoda Rapid interiors is a luxury sedan that makes no compromise on “the luxury”. The chrome décor for the door handles may seem like no big deal, but these small changes push this car towards the exclusivity.

Centre armrests

The new Skoda Rapid interiors host several aspects of comfort. One new addition is the centre armrest for both front and rear passengers. Most sedans use an armrest primarily for the rear passengers. The front armrest also acts as storage space.

Rear windscreen defogger

This system clears condensation and thaws frost from the windshield. The Skoda Rapid incorporates this in their rear windshield as well. The addition of a timer with the defogger system takes smart one step further. With the ability to control nearly every aspect of your car, you can expect an unmatched drive, always.

Anti-glare rear view mirror

With the wedged layer of glass on the rearview mirror, you can be sure never to strain your eyes again. Your safety is of utmost concern; the anti-glare rearview mirror ensures that every time you take a look, you get a clear picture of what’s coming up behind you.

Adjustable steering wheel

The Skoda rapid understands its driver’s needs. You can manoeuvre the adjustable steering wheel according to your height and comfort. The driver can easily adjust the position of the steering wheel to whatever is most convenient. Say goodbye to those backaches.

Manually regulated AC

The manual air conditioning system provides you with the means to keep the temperature at your preferred level. They are not thermostatically controlled. Just set the temperature,andthe blower fan and its speed achieve the rest.

Front airbags

The dual-stage airbags for the front seats are a perfect example of innovative safety features by Skoda. They inflate to different degrees depending upon the force of impact. The system measures the force, and the appropriate amount of inflation required is determined.

Multi-function steering wheel

Command the entirety of the Skoda rapid’s features with your hands at the wheel and your finger at the button. With integrated telephone controls and buttons to control the volume of the sound system, you never have to let go of the wheel ever again.

Amberglow footwell illumination

No corner will be left dark. Adding another touch of sophistication to the Skoda rapid is the AmberGlow feature. Lighting up the corners of your car, with adjustable intensity and colours provides a light, airy feel to the interiors. The ambient lighting is one of several lighting features in the new Skoda rapid’s interiors.

Skoda Rapid: Fast, Furious but Safe

What do we usually look for in a car? Safety, coupled with speed! Accordingly, Skoda Rapid fulfills the criteria for a good car that is both fast and secure. Also, Rapid has the looks to carry off the reputed name of its company, Skoda.

We list 6 major advantages to show you how Skoda Rapid makes the cut for one of the best cars for you to zoom around in!

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid Options

Most importantly, the car comes with both Petrol and Diesel options. The fuel economy of the Diesel Rapid is very impressive. The car also has manual and automatic variants. Next, you can choose from among Active, Ambition and Style, which are this sedan’s three models. With a strong engine and a power of 103 bhp, Rapid is a tiger on the road. Its transmission is 5-speed for manual and 7-Speed DSG, which makes it even more impressive

On The Outside

This car is an entry-level sedan. It boasts a luxurious exterior befitting of an expensive and sleek vehicle, such as the iconic black grill in the front.  In addition, the Skoda Rapid 2016 has 16-inch alloy wheels, which makes for a more comfortable drive. One of the most vital properties of this car is the Projector Headlamp, which amplifies night visibility considerably. It also boasts LED DRL’s, which greatly increase conspicuousness of the car. You can adjust the external rear-view mirrors electronically from the inside. This adds to the convenience factor of the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle offers defogging technology with a timer. Moreover, this latest version has a fresh new look which is much more elegant and stylish.

On The Inside

In fact, the interiors matter a great deal. This sedan offers wide internal space. The Skoda Rapid interior comes equipped with many comfort features as well. Skoda Rapid 2016 includes a reverse parking camera, which makes reversing much easier. The MFD has a display for time, external temperature; distance covered, average speed and average mileage. Regulated air conditioning provides better cooling and elevates the ambiance of the car. Additionally, the Skoda Rapid interior comes with a card holder for your important documents. Skoda Rapid 2016 has center armrests for front and back seats both.

Safety First

Skoda Rapid is fitted with two Airbags for the driver and passenger seats. Another key feature, which makes the car safe.

For an effortless drive, Skoda Rapid provides an electronic power steering wheel with tilt adjustment. Moreover, it comes with telescopic adjustment for effortless steering. Consequently, this kind of steering keeps the car slick but also safe.

Keep Me Entertained

The car works to this end by its inclusion of a CD Player and a sound system which supports any media. Of course it comes with a USB option, Bluetooth, and a touchscreen.


Considering the Skoda Rapid is a luxury sedan, it comes at a reasonable price. The Skoda Rapid 2016 starts from 9.5 Lakhs and goes up to 13.9 L on road. The cost range depends on the model you opt for.

All things considered, Skoda Rapid is on par with the best cars and it is an investment you’d like to make!