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New Skoda Kodiaq could be your perfect family car!

The Skoda Kodiaq is the perfect result of Skoda’s new design language when it comes to SUVs. A muscular beauty that is distinctive in its appearance and capability on the road; and extremely expressive with its dynamic, design. The perfect car to be part of your family pictures, either in urban jungles or the most remote of locations, the Kodiaq is the ideal companion for you and your family.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq Dynamic Design

The Muscular body with its robust nature makes a strong statement on and off the road. Sharp lines and angular cuts on the exterior of the car make for an artistic look. The placing of the headlamps and fog lamps are a defining element of the Kodiaq, not only adding in dimension to the appearance of this beast but also reaffirming its functionality as an off-road vehicle.

Cleverly Comfortable

Have you been making your family pile on top of each other in the back? End it. Paying attention to spaciousness and comfort is embedded in the philosophy of all Skoda Cars. The Skoda Kodiaq transforms any regular drive into an impressively comfortable one. Available in two variants, one with five seats and the other with 7; there is more than enough room for the whole family to join in on your adventures.

With foldable chairs, the Kodiaq can always make more room. The Power Nap Package ensures that your backseat passengers will peacefully doze off to sleep, while you too will surely find comfort behind the wheel. The LED Ambient lighting offers ten attractive colours to light up the spacious interiors, turning a pure drive into a luxury. The Skoda Kodiaq has enough room for everyone and everything except compromise.

Power Packed

An urban adventure or an off-road mission, the 2.0 TDI/ 110 (150) kW (PS) diesel engine ensures a power-packed drive and an efficient fuel performance, so you never have to think twice about making a story to remember. An actual force of nature with a 7-speed DSG makes the Skoda Kodiaq an enjoyable and a refined ride with lower emissions.

Safe and Social

Skodas first concern for you and your family is safe. With new merely smart features installed in the New Kodiaq, assistance is not an issue, allowing you to react quickly and swiftly to situations on and off the road. Hands-Free parking identifies and selects convenient parking spots for you.

The iBuzz Fatigue alert accumulates and reads data from the power steering sensors to detect any fatigue behaviour with the driver. The Kodiaq effortlessly syncs with all your gadgets and devices making sure you are always connected with your loved ones wherever you may be. Infotainment has been taken to an all new high, with attractive designs and plenty of potential your kids will never get bored in the backseat.

Out of all the Skoda cars in India, the Kodiaq boasts an expressive design and luxurious comfort. The merely smart features coupled with its capability on and off the road make the Skoda Kodiaq a beast of a ride. Introduce your family to the Kodiaq; they won’t be able to get enough of it! Embark on new adventures and create unique stories with your family with the perfect family car!