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10 Reasons why the New Skoda Superb is beautiful outside and powerful inside

New Skoda Superb
New Skoda Superb 2018

The new Skoda Superb blends its power and beauty to deliver memorable experience on every drive. It’s an eye-catching sight on the street, turning heads as it zooms past. Every aspect of the design reflects careful thought, with the sole purpose to exceed your expectations. It does exactly that. Here are few of the many reasons why the new Skoda Superb, truly is a superb ride to have.

17 inch Helios alloy wheels

Apart from the visual treat, the Helios wheels positively influence the driving experience. The Skoda Superb 2018 model, speaks the language of strength. The 17 inch Helios alloy wheels look bold and reaffirm the aspect of strength for the Skoda Superb.

Bi-Xenon headlights

The lighting incorporated in the Skoda Superb makes a lot of difference to the appeal. The intricately detailed headlights draw inspiration from the renowned Bohemian glass-cutting skills. They include crystal cut high beam lamps with illuminated “eyelashes”. The crystalline design also features in the inactive area of the integrated taillights.

New Skoda Superb Body design

The interaction between the concave and convex forms all over the car creates a dynamic aura. Sharp lines and angular cuts result in an extraordinary visual experience. The large glass areas around the side lend an emotional appeal to the car’s profile.

Panoramic sunroof

The electronically adjustable sunroof allows for a great scope in the vibe you want when you are at the wheel. It can expand the feeling of space and seamlessly fits into the rest of the design. The Skoda Superb can now open up new vistas every time it’s on the road.

Sleek side-view mirrors

The sleek and sharp contours along the side-view mirrors whip up a sporty look. The large mirror ensures functionality, with integrated indicators. The decorative strips along the edges of the side-view mirrors underline the style quotient.

7-speed DSG

Depending on the engine version you either have an automatic 6-speed or a manual 7-speed DSG. The Skoda Superb comes in 2 variants, either petrol or diesel. Both of the variants promise a smooth and powerful drive.

1.8 TSI petrol / 2.0 TDI diesel

The petrol variant packs a powerful punch, delivering 132KW. It is also significantly lighter than its predecessor. The 2.0 TDI diesel variant yields 130KW of quality performance. The Skoda Superb delivers a powerful an enriching drive with no compromise on fuel consumption.

Electronic stability control

This clever feature aids drivers to maintain control in critical situations, especially when the car is susceptible to skidding. The control unit continuously compares the current driving behaviour of the vehicle to that of the preset values. When the values don’t match, the control unit gives the command to stabilise the vehicle.

Anti-slip regulation

Excessive wheelspin during acceleration is a waste of fuel and leads to the wear and tear of the drive train and tyres. The ASR automatically modulates the wheelspin during acceleration; it ensures that the driver has full control over the vehicle and provides an efficient transfer of power.

Antilock braking system

The primary objective of the ABS feature is to keep the car under control even during abrupt braking. Be it on dry tarmac or a slippery surface; the Skoda ABS keeps the wheels safely rolling by reducing the braking force on individual wheels. These smart features are what makes the Skoda Superb smart and powerful on the inside.

Check out the Top 10 Innovations in Skoda Rapid Interiors

The new Skoda Rapid interiors embody over 120 years of careful thought and design. It is the perfect mascot for what Skoda stands for, being a pioneer in automobile advancements. With several simple changes, Skoda has transformed the skoda rapid interiors completely; making the new Skoda Rapid a perfect blend of strength and comfort, topped with a dollop of sophistication.

Skoda rapid interiors

Dual tone ebony-sand interiors

The spacious interior of the all-new Skoda Rapids in the limelight; airy feel that the dual tone ebony-sand colour makes. It brings about a vibe of sophistication that goes well with everything in the car.

Chrome décor

This feature speaks elegance and class. The new Skoda Rapid interiors is a luxury sedan that makes no compromise on “the luxury”. The chrome décor for the door handles may seem like no big deal, but these small changes push this car towards the exclusivity.

Centre armrests

The new Skoda Rapid interiors host several aspects of comfort. One new addition is the centre armrest for both front and rear passengers. Most sedans use an armrest primarily for the rear passengers. The front armrest also acts as storage space.

Rear windscreen defogger

This system clears condensation and thaws frost from the windshield. The Skoda Rapid incorporates this in their rear windshield as well. The addition of a timer with the defogger system takes smart one step further. With the ability to control nearly every aspect of your car, you can expect an unmatched drive, always.

Anti-glare rear view mirror

With the wedged layer of glass on the rearview mirror, you can be sure never to strain your eyes again. Your safety is of utmost concern; the anti-glare rearview mirror ensures that every time you take a look, you get a clear picture of what’s coming up behind you.

Adjustable steering wheel

The Skoda rapid understands its driver’s needs. You can manoeuvre the adjustable steering wheel according to your height and comfort. The driver can easily adjust the position of the steering wheel to whatever is most convenient. Say goodbye to those backaches.

Manually regulated AC

The manual air conditioning system provides you with the means to keep the temperature at your preferred level. They are not thermostatically controlled. Just set the temperature,andthe blower fan and its speed achieve the rest.

Front airbags

The dual-stage airbags for the front seats are a perfect example of innovative safety features by Skoda. They inflate to different degrees depending upon the force of impact. The system measures the force, and the appropriate amount of inflation required is determined.

Multi-function steering wheel

Command the entirety of the Skoda rapid’s features with your hands at the wheel and your finger at the button. With integrated telephone controls and buttons to control the volume of the sound system, you never have to let go of the wheel ever again.

Amberglow footwell illumination

No corner will be left dark. Adding another touch of sophistication to the Skoda rapid is the AmberGlow feature. Lighting up the corners of your car, with adjustable intensity and colours provides a light, airy feel to the interiors. The ambient lighting is one of several lighting features in the new Skoda rapid’s interiors.

Your New Skoda Superb’s Hands-Free Parking Feature

The new Skoda Superb is detailed with several clever features that make it stand out from its so called competition. The new hands-free parking feature will let your car drive you around! With this futuristic feature the new Skoda Superb seems like its straight out of the “jetsons”. Never worry about parking in tight spots, or the nightmare of parallel parking. Your new Skoda Superb will slip into the tightest of parking spots with ease with the hands-free parking feature.

New Skoda Superb


This clever feature is not completely autonomous. The driver still has to regulate the speed by pressing and releasing the brake pedal, the idle speed is enough to move it into the parking spot. The navigation display of the car will provide the required instructions to the driver such as putting the car into reverse or leaving the steering so the car can take control.

The sensors distributed around the front and rear bumpers of the car act as both transmitters and receivers. The signals sent by the sensors bounce off objects around the car and are reflected back to the sensors. The time taken for the signals to return is calculated and this determines the location of the objects around. The system is designed to fit the car into a spot that is 20 percent longer than the car itself.

The only problem is the ability to sense lower objects. This is in concern with curbs. If the car cannot accurately sense the curb it will adjust itself by lining up with the car in front and behind. The feature still makes parking a much easier job than it seems, you can’t take that away from Skoda clever feature.


The hands-free parking feature outperforms manual parking when comparing the clearance distance left towards the curb and the number of maneuvers needed to attain the final parked position. This is not to say the system is flawless, sometimes it takes the car frightfully close to the curb. Does this feature really make a difference? Yes it does, especially if you live in the city.

Parking is probably the most ignored and straining part of a drive. In the city it’s nearly impossible to find a good parking spot. Not only does the feature identify optimum spots but efficiently aids you to maneuver your new Skoda superb in and out of tight spots. You won’t have to strain your neck and back by turning around constantly and looking over your shoulder. So yes, hands-free parking makes a difference, hands-free means hassle-free.

New Skoda Kodiaq could be your perfect family car!

The Skoda Kodiaq is the perfect result of Skoda’s new design language when it comes to SUVs. A muscular beauty that is distinctive in its appearance and capability on the road; and extremely expressive with its dynamic, design. The perfect car to be part of your family pictures, either in urban jungles or the most remote of locations, the Kodiaq is the ideal companion for you and your family.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq Dynamic Design

The Muscular body with its robust nature makes a strong statement on and off the road. Sharp lines and angular cuts on the exterior of the car make for an artistic look. The placing of the headlamps and fog lamps are a defining element of the Kodiaq, not only adding in dimension to the appearance of this beast but also reaffirming its functionality as an off-road vehicle.

Cleverly Comfortable

Have you been making your family pile on top of each other in the back? End it. Paying attention to spaciousness and comfort is embedded in the philosophy of all Skoda Cars. The Skoda Kodiaq transforms any regular drive into an impressively comfortable one. Available in two variants, one with five seats and the other with 7; there is more than enough room for the whole family to join in on your adventures.

With foldable chairs, the Kodiaq can always make more room. The Power Nap Package ensures that your backseat passengers will peacefully doze off to sleep, while you too will surely find comfort behind the wheel. The LED Ambient lighting offers ten attractive colours to light up the spacious interiors, turning a pure drive into a luxury. The Skoda Kodiaq has enough room for everyone and everything except compromise.

Power Packed

An urban adventure or an off-road mission, the 2.0 TDI/ 110 (150) kW (PS) diesel engine ensures a power-packed drive and an efficient fuel performance, so you never have to think twice about making a story to remember. An actual force of nature with a 7-speed DSG makes the Skoda Kodiaq an enjoyable and a refined ride with lower emissions.

Safe and Social

Skodas first concern for you and your family is safe. With new merely smart features installed in the New Kodiaq, assistance is not an issue, allowing you to react quickly and swiftly to situations on and off the road. Hands-Free parking identifies and selects convenient parking spots for you.

The iBuzz Fatigue alert accumulates and reads data from the power steering sensors to detect any fatigue behaviour with the driver. The Kodiaq effortlessly syncs with all your gadgets and devices making sure you are always connected with your loved ones wherever you may be. Infotainment has been taken to an all new high, with attractive designs and plenty of potential your kids will never get bored in the backseat.

Out of all the Skoda cars in India, the Kodiaq boasts an expressive design and luxurious comfort. The merely smart features coupled with its capability on and off the road make the Skoda Kodiaq a beast of a ride. Introduce your family to the Kodiaq; they won’t be able to get enough of it! Embark on new adventures and create unique stories with your family with the perfect family car!

The Skoda Superb 2017; Safety Comes First

The Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda has launched their model Skoda Superb 2017 into the global market. The Skoda Superb is fabulous in all ways; design, power, comfort, roominess, connectivity and the especially safety that can tempt you to buy it as soon as possible.

Skoda Superb 2017

Specifically speaking about the safety, the all-new Skoda Superb is loaded with many additional and unique safety features for your travel, which made Skoda Superb win the Euro NCAP crash tests, rewarding with the ratings of 5 stars for the excellent Skoda Superb features. It goes by its tagline “You Drive, We Care.” So what’s new and exciting in it, let’s take a look at the innovative safety system it provides.

The most critical Skoda Superb 2017 features are the front assist, blind spot detection and multi-collision braking, Traffic Jam Assist. Let’s know them one by one.

Front Assist of the Skoda Superb 2017

The front assist is embedded with a radar sensor which monitors and keeps you updated on traffic ahead. Whenever the distance between the other vehicles becomes very small or chances to collide raise high, or if the driver is unable to react; the front assist feature gives collision warning and applies the brakes automatically to avoid the collision.

Blind Spot Detect:

This feature enables the driver to detect vehicles at the blind spot and assist him/her to drive safe by changing lanes. This sensor monitors the vehicles unto 20 meters behind the car; behind the Skoda Superb 2017.

Multi Collision Brake with Electronic Stability Control:

As per the Traffic safety research analyses if a car is involved in an accident the airbags may be activated, but it continued to be in motion. And so, there are chances of the car getting the involved in multiple accidents. But this new Skoda Superb feature activates break system immediately and prevents any future damage.

Traffic Jam Assist:

It’s tough to drive a vehicle in heavy traffic that’s why Skoda Superb India introduces the traffic jam assist that helps the driver to keep the car aligned in a lane. And if at the same time the feature Adaptive Cruise Control is also activated, then the driver may just keep hands on the steering and rest will be taken care by the new Skoda Superb 2017, irrespective of how congested the road could be.

Its other unique features are the Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS) and Crew Protect Assist.

  • AFS: It automatically responds according to the angle of steering wheels turn, and the cornering light provides a better illumination which enables the driver to react quickly in case of any unexpected obstacles. It also controls the lighting automatically in all traffic situations and turns the high beam on/off accordingly.
  • Crew Protect Assist of new Skoda Superb 2017: This feature checks on other activates that goes onboard. It coordinates accordingly and minimises the emergency traffic situations. It works on two levels. At the entry level, it fastens the front seat belts in case of unstable driving situations and shuts the sunroof and window to restrict entry of any alien objects. At the higher level, it works with the front radar that anticipates reactions using the Adaptive Cruise Control’s front sensors.
  • Aging with the ESC: There are many other safety features like Driver fatigue detection which warns the driver to take rest. The emergency assist, Airbags and impact protection, speed limiter, Anti-lock braking system, Flashing brake lights, Tyre pressure monitoring, Hill Hold control and XDS+.

The Skoda Superb 2017 thereby, stands for the safety of passengers leaving no stone unturned from their side. Beside safety features, they also kept in mind other factors like standard, luxury, comfort, the power etc. It’s a perfect package whose exterior is as glamorous as the interior and inbuilt features.

The All-New Skoda Octavia 2017; A Classy Make Over

The Skoda Octavia India, first time zoomed the red carpet in 2002, and ever since it became a STAR. Car enthusiasts loved the model, and the sales scale went quite notches high. In 2013, it made another grand entry in the Indian market with a polished design and innovative features. But despite how classy a car may be, it grows old with time.  The 2013 Skoda Octavia is now in the middle of its life cycle, and hence, it was time for an upgrade. The all-new Skoda Octavia 2017 entered the market with its stunning muscular looks which can make anyone go head over heels. Let’s know why:

Skoda octavia 2017

Skoda Octavia 2017 Exterior

The first thing that catches your eye is the exterior front of the car. With just a glance it can hypnotize you. The new Octavia 2017 has new split-headlamps called Quadra LED headlights. The split has been done in four compartments; the low and high beam are separated while the bumper gets LED daytime running lights and fog lamps. There is a chrome strip that runs across the bumper too, adding more to the Skoda feel. Unlike the previous model, the grill here has glossy black finesse and a few creases on the hood. The rear part is also equipped with LED units and the bumper there is revised too

Interior tech

The interior cabin has transformed into something better and bigger. A 9-inch infotainment touch screen, with captivating touch, is the most exciting one. With a smoother interface and 800×400 resolutions, it proves to be the all-new Skoda Octavia. The system is also compatible with your smartphones. Apart from Apple car play, Android Auto & Mirror Link, Skoda has introduced its app called ‘Boss Connect.’ Now turn the music on and go for drives long, like a boss!

The panoramic sunroof

For the lovers of nature, Skoda Octavia 2017 brings you good news. The panoramic sunroof is stylish and classy. It has a glass layer underneath which makes you fantasize this car even more.

Ambient lighting

If the sunroof doesn’t cause a stir, the ambient light certainly will. The Skoda Octavia 2017 gives you the option to choose from ten different vibrant colours. Now which-so-ever mood you are in, turn on that colour; it’s your pick.

Park pilot

In the city of car crowd, finding a parking place at times can be nerve breaking. Skoda Octavia 2017 takes care of that as well. With its all-new parking assistant technology, the proximity sensors detect a perfect parking spot and steer you till there automatically.

Safety tools

Skoda Octavia 2017 is a beauty with brain. Apart from class and comfort, it is known for its intelligent safety technology. The smart iBuzz Fatigue alert takes care of the road ahead and alarms you from all kind of potential threats. It also has eight airbags installed for all seats. Skoda India ensures you and your family enjoy a safe drive always.

The engine

The engine doesn’t have much change; except for the car’s rear track which has been increased by 20 mm on the 2.0-litre TDI and by 30 mm on the 1.8-litre TSI variant. However, it remains vigorous, like an SUV in the face of a sedan.

So, if you are looking for a car which meets your need, it’s the Skoda Octavia 2017. With price as fair, it brings the smartest technology, comfortable interiors, and high-class experience.

New Skoda Superb: Hot Wheels, Selling Like Hot Cakes!

What is it about revamped cars? Surely, it is the comfort of old familiarity, combined with the attraction of modern upgrades. The premier sedan, Skoda Superb, is a shining example of the above. Originally launched in 2001, the car has grown exponentially popular. Today, in 2017, it has achieved the coveted milestone of the 1 million-unit production.

Skoda superb

Interestingly, the history of Skoda offers an explanation to its current popularity. Since the launch of the flagship saloon in the 1930’s, Skoda has always been a sturdy, slick powerful vehicle. Therefore, the Skoda Superb draws inspiration from the same principles. In addition, the 3rd generation, New Skoda Superb is a further improvement.

The 3rd generation model saw its launch in 2015. Within two years, production has grown rapidly. The vehicle comes in two avatars: Hatchback and Estate. However, its 3 variants are: Standard, Greenline and Sportline.

The iconic 1 millionth unit was produced at the Kvasiny Plant in Czech Republic. It boasts Laurin and Klement grade. The New Skoda Superb, is superior to its ancestors in being 75 kg lighter. Its adaptable dampers are available in multiple driver modes. This feature helps adjust driving according to road condition.

Additionally, state of the art LED lighting systems, set this car apart. This includes daytime running lights and LED taillights. As a matter of fact, ambient temperatures are a key feature. First, regulated, 3-Zone air conditioning and heated seats are a part of this car. Second, the vehicle features hot washer jets and an automatically heated windscreen. A strong entertainment section, with touchscreen display and 3D navigation is also available. In addition, the car boasts a Canton sound system.

The Skoda Superb offers TSI and TDI engine options. The petrol engine has a capacity of 1.8 L. The diesel variant is 2 L.  Additionally, it comes with 6-Speed Manual or 7-Speed DSG transmission. The respective transmission systems give a power of 320 Nm of Peak torque and 250 Nm. A 7-speed dual clutch is an additional selection.

Note that Skoda Superb has sold over 2.5+ Lakh units in India itself. After being encouraged by heavy market sales, Skoda also plans to launch a new SUV soon.

However, sky is the limit. Chalking out a plan of action in its ‘’Strategy 2025’’, Skoda has a clear vision aimed at productive production.

All things considered, the New Skoda Superb is a force to reckon with. Undoubtedly, it is one of the few non-luxury cars that is on par with Audi A3 and Merc CLA.

Ultimately, it is safe to say that the name Superb spells superb success!

Skoda Octavia 2017: The Best of Old And New

What is better than a new car? An old car with new, improved features! There is nothing like the familiarity of old. However, there is no growth without change. Accordingly, Skoda has launched the fresh, 2017 version of India’s long-time favourite sedan – Skoda Octavia.

The New Skoda Octavia is fit for the drivers and roads of today. It also retains some of Octavia’s classic features.

Skoda octavia

New Skoda Octavia Exterior

First, the New Skoda Octavia comes with keyless technology. Using this, the driver can control the car without a key.

An elevated bumper provides a wider view. Similarly, the newly designed bonnet is sleeker.  Moreover and most importantly, It has LED fog and taillights. As a result, this feature delivers improved performance and less strain to the human eye. In addition, it is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Its telescopic head light washers easily remove grit and dust. This feature improves car visibility.

However, the most stylish property of the New Skoda Octavia, is its Upswept Dynamic Window line in its rear doors.

It is all about proportion. Its signature C shaped taillight complements the two triangles on the boot lid. Octavia 2017 is also parking-friendly with its parking assist sensors guiding the driver.

Comfort And Interiors

The interior is spacious and well lit. Additionally, it boasts a panoramic sunroof, which is made of tinted glass and has electronic control. Also, the air conditioning offers an eco-friendly cooling effect, while its humidity sensor reduces windscreen fogging. Cup and bottle holders are also present for the convenience of the driver and passengers.

The New Skoda Octavia has an adjustable driver’s seat with built in memory, which is its smartest feature. Because of this technology, the vehicle remembers seat and external side-view mirror positions. Another smart feature is its multifunctional steering wheel. The steering wheel obeys the audio command. Interestingly, the sedan boasts an 8.0 touchscreen display as well.

For a slicker experience, in addition to speed control, the New Skoda Octavia provides Cruise Control, which is a pedal-independent system to manage the speed of the car.


The New Skoda Octavia interior also boasts spaciousness.  While the seating and leg room is abundant, it is the rear-space which is intelligently designed. Skoda Octavia 2017 has a boot with an impressive 580-litre capacity! Furthermore, its rear seats are foldable. In the front, the glove compartment has cooling technology where you can store snacks for a while or even carry ice cream easily.


Skoda Octavia 2017 is essential, a very safe car. In addition to the parking assist sensors, the car comes with an electric parking brake and hill/slope assist system. Its new lighting system optimises illumination and visibility. The New Skoda Octavia also features hands-free parking and a reverse parking camera. Moreover, Skoda Octavia 2017 has abundant air bags in different positions: Head Rest, Front Driver, Passenger and Front/Rear Side.


Considering capacity and transmission, the Skoda Octavia 2017 is a powerhouse. Its petrol variant’s engine is 1.8 TSI/132 kW. The diesel counterpart has a 2.0 TDI/105 kW engine.

Both these engine technologies are eco-conscious. They give out lower emissions, are fuel-efficient and deliver higher output.

Transmission and gear control comes in Manual, Automatic and DSG forms. The former too are capable of a 6-speed transmission, while the DSG is 7-speed.

Finally, we estimate the Skoda Octavia 2017 to start around Rs. 17 L (Ex-showroom)

Skoda Rapid: Fast, Furious but Safe

What do we usually look for in a car? Safety, coupled with speed! Accordingly, Skoda Rapid fulfills the criteria for a good car that is both fast and secure. Also, Rapid has the looks to carry off the reputed name of its company, Skoda.

We list 6 major advantages to show you how Skoda Rapid makes the cut for one of the best cars for you to zoom around in!

Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid Options

Most importantly, the car comes with both Petrol and Diesel options. The fuel economy of the Diesel Rapid is very impressive. The car also has manual and automatic variants. Next, you can choose from among Active, Ambition and Style, which are this sedan’s three models. With a strong engine and a power of 103 bhp, Rapid is a tiger on the road. Its transmission is 5-speed for manual and 7-Speed DSG, which makes it even more impressive

On The Outside

This car is an entry-level sedan. It boasts a luxurious exterior befitting of an expensive and sleek vehicle, such as the iconic black grill in the front.  In addition, the Skoda Rapid 2016 has 16-inch alloy wheels, which makes for a more comfortable drive. One of the most vital properties of this car is the Projector Headlamp, which amplifies night visibility considerably. It also boasts LED DRL’s, which greatly increase conspicuousness of the car. You can adjust the external rear-view mirrors electronically from the inside. This adds to the convenience factor of the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle offers defogging technology with a timer. Moreover, this latest version has a fresh new look which is much more elegant and stylish.

On The Inside

In fact, the interiors matter a great deal. This sedan offers wide internal space. The Skoda Rapid interior comes equipped with many comfort features as well. Skoda Rapid 2016 includes a reverse parking camera, which makes reversing much easier. The MFD has a display for time, external temperature; distance covered, average speed and average mileage. Regulated air conditioning provides better cooling and elevates the ambiance of the car. Additionally, the Skoda Rapid interior comes with a card holder for your important documents. Skoda Rapid 2016 has center armrests for front and back seats both.

Safety First

Skoda Rapid is fitted with two Airbags for the driver and passenger seats. Another key feature, which makes the car safe.

For an effortless drive, Skoda Rapid provides an electronic power steering wheel with tilt adjustment. Moreover, it comes with telescopic adjustment for effortless steering. Consequently, this kind of steering keeps the car slick but also safe.

Keep Me Entertained

The car works to this end by its inclusion of a CD Player and a sound system which supports any media. Of course it comes with a USB option, Bluetooth, and a touchscreen.


Considering the Skoda Rapid is a luxury sedan, it comes at a reasonable price. The Skoda Rapid 2016 starts from 9.5 Lakhs and goes up to 13.9 L on road. The cost range depends on the model you opt for.

All things considered, Skoda Rapid is on par with the best cars and it is an investment you’d like to make!

Skoda Octavia marks 20 years of being the automobile’s bestselling car

Skoda Octavia being loved by many in the market, it is also regarded the best-selling cars. Now signifies the 20th Anniversary of it.

skoda octavia

It’s almost been a year after Skoda celebrated the success of the one-millionth Octavia; the company is now marking the 20th anniversary of its best-selling car, Octavia. On September 3rd, 1996 the first modern Octavia accelerate out of the assembly lines at the then re-constructed factory in Mlada Boleslav. Two decades later, the Octavia is crowned automaker’s best selling model.

It’s almost been a year after Skoda celebrated the success of the one-millionth Octavia; the company is now marking the 20th anniversary of its best-selling car, Octavia. On September 3rd, 1996 the first modern Skoda Octavia accelerate out of the assembly lines at the then re-constructed factory in Mlada Boleslav. Two decades later, the Octavia is crowned automaker’s best selling model.

Skoda Octavia story

For anyone who is not familiar with the story of Skoda, the name Octavia was first employed by the makers in the 50s, when the tiny family car with 1. 1 – 1. 2-liter four-cylinder engine launched under the AZNP label. Ever questioned how? Octavia was the eighth innovation of the company back in the late 1950s, ‘Octa’ meaning eighth.

For anyone who is not familiar with the story of Skoda, the name Octavia was first employed by the makers in the 50s, when the tiny family car with 1. 1 – 1. 2-liter four-cylinder engine launched under the AZNP label. Ever questioned how? Octavia was the eighth innovation of the company back in the late 1950s, ‘Octa’ meaning eighth.

The build process of the 1st gen Skoda Octavia started in 1992 – less than 12 months after this Czech company joined Volkswagen Group. The vehicle was based on an entirely new Volkswagen-sourced ideologies and processes. It was launched with two 4cyl petrol engines and a turbo diesel. The previous vehicle from the first style/model raced off the lines in November 2010. Surprisingly, Skoda offered the first generation as an inexpensive alternative (price point) to its successor from 2004-2010.

Skoda Octavia present

The present Octavia is made in many countries like; China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mlada Boleslav. In the first half of 2016, Skoda has built and delivered 119, 670 units to the consumers, an “industry healthy” increase of eight percent over the same period of 2015, according to LeftLane.

“The plant is beautiful, modern and really pretty. It could be great if all industrial facilities looked like this.” said the former Czech President Vaclav Havel, after waving the starting signal for the availability of the Skoda Octavia.

To deduce, there are numerous factors to consider Octavia for it to be loved by many and stand as the best-selling car in the history of Skoda.